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Nano Check-in: Week 1

How are you all? If you're in the US, then this past week has probably been particularly rough. I took two days off writing. I just didn't have the heart or the energy. My villain was hitting too close to home. I thought about dropping out of Nanowrimo completely. But after a couple of days,… Continue reading Nano Check-in: Week 1


Nano Check In

How is November treating you? Are you writing like the wind? I've been lucky this year. I have a lot of down time at my day job, and I've been using it to do a good chunk of my writing. So far, I'm making a pretty strong showing. (And now I'm going to go find… Continue reading Nano Check In


Wait, it’s November?

The last few weeks have gotten away from me. After being sick for over a month (bronchitis, my old friend, I did not miss you), we wrapped up October with a massive remodel--which has now stretched into November. In theory, all work is supposed to be done by the time I get home from work… Continue reading Wait, it’s November?

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Writer’s Block & Building Blocks, Part III

The conclusion for my 3 part series on writer's block. Part 1 covers mental blocks, and Part 2 plot & setting issues. The second lesson I learned while writing The Spider's Web (and several subsequent stories) is that antagonists are hard. One of the hardest things for me to do is create realistic, fleshed out… Continue reading Writer’s Block & Building Blocks, Part III


Nano Training Camp: Week 1

We've got exactly 7 days to wrap up any lose ends, guys! Get in the mood. Queue up anything on Netflix or from your DVD collection you want to watch in November. I'm writing in the 1920s, so I'll be pulling from this list. Create your playlist. Whether you're doing old school vinyl, or just… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 1


Nano Training Camp: Week 2

Only two weeks to go. How do you feel? Are you pumped? Are you prepped? How's the outline look? Did you finish it last week? If not, now is your chance! What about that research? Any facts you need to check? Books you still need? Where's your list of sources? Writing goal: 1200 words on… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 2


Nano Training Camp: Week 3

We're getting close, now! This week, work on getting your outline on paper. Get at least the first three chapters down. Double check all of your writing tools and supplies. Did you miss anything at the start of training? Do you have your backup? Make sure you have a flash drive handy, dropbox is in… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 3


Nano Training Camp: Week 4

This week, we're going to work on player stats: Create a cheat sheet listing your themes, setting, important names, and one sentence bios for your main characters. Write up a one page summary of the story I you haven't already, start working on your research. compile a list of all your sources so you can… Continue reading Nano Training Camp: Week 4


Nano Training Camp 2016: Week 5

Your mission this week is to take stock: Decide what method you'll be using. Typewriter? Computer? Long hand? Is everything in working order? Does your carriage need oiled? Laptop need updates? Have you downloaded Scrivener, or your chosen word processor? Do you have all of your supplies? Paper, typewriter ribbons, fountain pen ink? What still… Continue reading Nano Training Camp 2016: Week 5


Nano Training Camp 2016

I'm getting a little bit of a late start this year. Normally, I plan for about 8 weeks of training, but this year we only get 6. Doable? Definitely! This week is our foundation week: Clear the decks. Wrap up any existing projects, be they of the literary variety or otherwise. Start thinking about what… Continue reading Nano Training Camp 2016