A Short History of Radio

I am fascinated by early electronic communication--telegraph, radio, the transition to telephone and television. How did people figure that out? I live in a world where I'm writing on a computer the size of a spiral notebook with internet that can send my words instantly around the world, and I'm still fascinated. How did we… Continue reading A Short History of Radio


The Music of ALL FOR ONE

I'm not very good at mentally casting actors for the main characters in my books, but I can always tell you what the opening and closing themes would be if they were turned into a television show (I think tv shows are better suited for adapting books than movies are. Don't you?). The opening theme song… Continue reading The Music of ALL FOR ONE


Music of the Night

Want to hear a few of the things I listen to when I'm writing? While I do have playlists of songs that make me think of particular characters or stories, most of my writing happens to an instrumental backdrop. Here are a few of my favorites. I'm particularly fond of movie scores. Music I own:… Continue reading Music of the Night