Bast Break

Happy Holidays!   May you be cozy and warm, regardless of what you celebrate. Like what you see? Check out Kitten Break


Thanks, Ohio.

I'm really glad the weather has turned. Really. Being able to see the sun and go out without a sweater is wonderful. My flip flops were feeling neglected, and I've got my eye on a new pair of ballet flats. I can wear skirts to the office without freezing from the waist down, even with… Continue reading Thanks, Ohio.


GIVEAWAY! Also, chatter.

I'm back! We have officially moved into our new place. I'm still trying to find where I put everything (including my sanity), but we are moved, the cats are fine, and we made it to Cinici. Moving was...let's just say hell. Our truck got overbooked and had to be back 5 hours early. Then the… Continue reading GIVEAWAY! Also, chatter.


Two Steps Back

I toyed with several introductions to this post, but I think that I just need to come out and say i t. I am looking for a new job. As of Monday, I am unemployed. I loved my job, but for reasons that I do not want to get into, I was let go. This… Continue reading Two Steps Back



In my opinion, there are very few things that suck more than moving that don’t involve death or dismemberment. When you add moving on short notice (we didn’t find our current residence until 8 days before we had to be out of the old one), and having to do so with high winds, blowing snow,… Continue reading Moved


Cat v. Mouse

I had no idea Hermes could dedicate this much attention to anything but sleep. He spent over three hours last night staring at the underside of our fridge because I suspect a mouse was hiding under it. He stared at it so long, in fact, that he forgot to wake me up at 2:30 the… Continue reading Cat v. Mouse


Home Sweet Home

I made it back on Thursday night (That was a long day. About nine hours longer than it should have been, in fact). But now I'm home, and my kitty is home, though he is hiding in the laundry room behind my mom's collection of cleaning products and probably won't come out for a while.… Continue reading Home Sweet Home


Yay! No More Pain!

Thanks to my wonderful mother, a former OT, my knee no longer hurts. I guess I've been a bad girl, letting my quads get weak, so my knee cap decided to go for a little walk around the block without me. My mom has the same problem from time to time, so she popped it… Continue reading Yay! No More Pain!



Does anyone know where I can trade in my body for a slightly newer, more gently used version (and preferably ten pounds lighter? Maybe with better skin and hair that's an actual color)? See, this past week, my allergies attacked with a vengeance. The problem with Ohio is that it doesn't have allergy season. You… Continue reading Gimp


Hey, Look Over There! Knitting!

I present you with: A very exciting photo of 3/4 of a stockinette sleeve. Ooh, aah. Have you ever seen anything as interesting? I ❤ sarcasm, by the way. Just in case you didn't notice. So what is going on in CrazyLand? Well, for starters our kitchen is getting redone by our landlord, who wants… Continue reading Hey, Look Over There! Knitting!