The KnotMagick Guide to Moving Cross Country

Make sure it’s really, really what you want. Because it’s expensive as fuck and a pain in the ass. Plan your budget ahead of time. Now add at least 50%. Assume everything will go wrong. Find a job before you go. Don’t ship things via Greyhound. It may be cheaper than going through USPS/UPS/FEDEX, but… Continue reading The KnotMagick Guide to Moving Cross Country



I'm back! We have internet again and things are slightly less crazy. I love living in Kent/Seattle. Everyone has been so wonderful here, and I really love the location. Both physically and mentally, I feel healthier than I have in a really long time. I'm still getting back into the swing of blogging. After more… Continue reading Return

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This isn't QUITE a return to blogging, though I wish it was. At the moment, we still are lacking internet in our apartment, which makes it hard to do things like compose blog posts, and I only have time to get to the library on weekends. We did, however, make it to Seattle. The trip… Continue reading #SeattleFound



In my opinion, there are very few things that suck more than moving that don’t involve death or dismemberment. When you add moving on short notice (we didn’t find our current residence until 8 days before we had to be out of the old one), and having to do so with high winds, blowing snow,… Continue reading Moved


Typewriter Month

Whoops. It looks like once again, I missed ITAM. I've been meaning to get out the typewriters for the last few weeks, but there's usually someone asleep every time I have a chance, and Louis, my dear old (LOUD) Woodstock, just doesn't go over very well with the roommate.  She is generally supportive of the… Continue reading Typewriter Month


I hate moving.

July is moving too quickly. In less than five weeks, I'm supposed to be in Italy, and I haven't even gotten my Visa paperwork sent out yet. Packing is at a stand still. I hate moving, and I espcially hate the temporary moves I've been making for school--three weeks here, four months there, six here.… Continue reading I hate moving.