The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)

This is another period in history that I love reading about and watching on film, but would never survive if I were somehow transported back to it. I would last about ten minutes before being carted off to an asylum for "female hysteria" (i.e. calling someone on their BS and refusing to look decorative in… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment: Victorian (1837-1901)

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The Age of Entertainment

If you've been here for any length of time, then by now you are aware of my love of media--television, books, movies. And my favorites are period pieces. So, for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to look at various eras in history (primarily the early 20th century), the stories they produced and the… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment


Pass, Fail, Promise: Period Drama

While I've mostly been avoiding television because of Nano, I did take a break to watch a few things on Netflix this week. Shockingly, all were period dramas from different countries. Pass: Populaire Country of Origin: France Rating: A- Okay, so we're talking about a French movie set in 1959 that centers around typewriters? Yep,… Continue reading Pass, Fail, Promise: Period Drama


The meeting of the Hobbies

Has anyone else seen this clip? It's great--in which an avid typewriter collector plays a trick on an avid knitter. Really, I might have to see Larry Crowne, just for the connection. I don't think you could get a better clip for this blog, except, of course, that the prank doesn't actually involve typewriters. Perhaps… Continue reading The meeting of the Hobbies

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Coming and Going

Hello, beautiful. What you see before you is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala and my new love. This little beauty was one of four Impalas at the Belfountaine Hot Summer Nights Car show yesterday. Okay, well, two days ago now since it is officially after midnight. Dad's '53 won a Top 50 award and he won… Continue reading Coming and Going


Odds and Ends

Has it really been three weeks since I updated this thing? Wow. I've been really busy at work, but my hours were recently cut. I've also been hurrying to get all of my Saci paperwork together, but at this point I'm just waiting on my loans and a new credit card (the loans were an… Continue reading Odds and Ends


Birthday Swag

I turn 21 tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday by inviting family and neighbors over. Mostly, I got cash (just the way I like it), so today I went out to spend it. I got three old French primers from my great-great aunt who recently passed away (I only met her once and we never spoke;… Continue reading Birthday Swag


This is the "knot" part

Okay. No more fucking around with the Blogger settings. I just spent a half hour trying to figure out why my post was turning itself into question marks. Turns out that little translitteration thing that I though was supposed to let people read your posts in other languages, actually changes the formatting so that you're… Continue reading This is the "knot" part