Mental Health Monday: Processing Trauma

Trauma comes in many forms and can cause long-term effects, ranging from mental and emotional responses to physical symptoms. For the purposes of this post, I'm concentrating on mental and emotional trauma, which divides into three categories: One-time events, such as an accident, injury, or a violent attack, especially if it was unexpected or happened… Continue reading Mental Health Monday: Processing Trauma


Mental Health Monday: Pea Soup

Knotmagick is still on hiatus, and posts will be sporadic until probably mid-September at least. But if you miss the blog, why not check out some older MHMon posts? Autumn in Ohio tends to involve a lot of pea-soup like fog, especially in the early morning. Growing up, we had more school delays for fog… Continue reading Mental Health Monday: Pea Soup


#MHMon: The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis

The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis By Emily Deibler When I was in high school, I would have given anything to be diagnosed and treated. The general consensus was that I was an emotional teenage girl, and that I "thought everything was the end of the world." I suppose I can't exactly blame everyone for… Continue reading #MHMon: The Struggles of Getting a Diagnosis


#MHMon: The Relief of Diagnosis

Content warning: discussions of chronic illness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I used to be very in touch with my body. I was aware of slight changes, and could tell what they meant. For example, I get different kinds of headaches when I'm hungry, dehydrated, tired, stressed, or around allergens. Each of these headaches feels different.… Continue reading #MHMon: The Relief of Diagnosis

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#MHMon Reading Recommendations

Now that the holidays are over and we are into "The dead of winter" I thought now might be a good time to list a few of my go-to books for these dark, dreary months, when my depression tends to be at its worst. I've broken these into segments, so that you can compile your… Continue reading #MHMon Reading Recommendations


#MHMon Guest Post: Jeni Chappelle

Hello Burnout My Old Friend   In December, a lot of people I know are feeling burnt out. As magical as the winter holidays can be, spending more money, eating too much unhealthy food, and having extra responsibilities can add to our stress. Family troubles tend to bubble up this time of year too, whether that’s… Continue reading #MHMon Guest Post: Jeni Chappelle


#MHMon Guest Post

The following essay was submitted by a reader who wished to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of the content. While this is not the type of content I typically seek out for Mental Health Mondays, I think this is an important story to tell. While sexual assault has received a lot of attention… Continue reading #MHMon Guest Post


#MHMon Guest Blog by Emily Deibler

How Outlining Helps Me When I’m Anxious or Depressed   When I started writing, I didn’t outline, and I’m not saying it’s required. However, outlining has helped me face challenges with recent projects. I have periods of time where I lack motivation or the act of writing feels too overwhelming. It doesn’t help when I… Continue reading #MHMon Guest Blog by Emily Deibler


#MHMon: Self Care

Today we're going to talk about self care. Self care is incredibly difficult when one is suffering from mental illness. If there is a person in your life who has mental illness, this is one of the biggest ways that you can help them, other than simply providing an ear when they need it. Self… Continue reading #MHMon: Self Care


#MHMon: The Importance of Taking a Break

Sometimes as creatives, we need to step back from our projects. The things we make don't just take physical energy, but mental and emotional energy. It's easy to burn out, especially when trying to balance between a day job, life, and writing or creating, be it making short film, art, sewing, or design work. We… Continue reading #MHMon: The Importance of Taking a Break