Let’s play “Would this kill me in the 1800s?”

One of the side effects of being someone who loves history but is also surrounded by people with chronic illnesses and disabilities is that I'm always wondering if they/I/we would survive "back in the day." Spoiler: the answer us almost always NO. So I was rather shocked when I started looking into the history of… Continue reading Let’s play “Would this kill me in the 1800s?”


Getting (de)stoned for Thanksgiving

I confess, I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving in general, for a whole host of reasons. But this year, I do have one thing I'm very thankful for. A side effect of writing historical fiction and reenacting is that I tend to "live" in the period I'm writing about. So when my dear adopted… Continue reading Getting (de)stoned for Thanksgiving


History in Pictures, part II

A couple of weeks ago a posted a list of documentaries I've been watching on Youtube. My documentary kick continues, so here are a few more you might enjoy. A few of them are quite long, so there's several hours of viewing time here. The Civil War and Its Dead This documentary shows a lot… Continue reading History in Pictures, part II