CW: This is going to be really long and involves pet death. Five years ago we wanted a kitten, so we did what one does in our area when they want a kitten and went to Petsmart to see the shelter kitties on display. We were looking for something sweet and cuddly but also playful.… Continue reading Loki


Kitten Spam

I'm leaving for Steampunk Symposium today, so distract you from my absence here are adorable kitten pictures: I'll be back on Monday with my monthly wrap up, and your first glimpse at the All For One cover!



If you were afraid I'd given up crafting after the past few months, fear not! (Were you scared? I was. I've hardly been crafting at all since May.) While I'm still working on the second pair of purple socks, there has been a good deal of progress made--at least, compared to the last time I… Continue reading WIPs