The Monmouth Cap

It's the time of year when fuzzy hats, toques, beanies, and other headgear are getting a workout for those of use that still have to be outside (or are just sick of being inside for so many months). Every winter seems to see a new trend. A few years back it was bun hats (Ravelry… Continue reading The Monmouth Cap


Victorian Hairstyles (with tutorials!)

Thank you to @TheModernDayVictorian on Instagram for inspiring this post. Here on the blog, I've talked a lot about late Victorian fashion, but I haven't talked very much about hair and makeup. I will be the first to admit that I am super awkward when it comes to doing hair and makeup, which is why… Continue reading Victorian Hairstyles (with tutorials!)


Let the Insanity Begin

Clearly, I should not be allowed to watch Youtube. It always gives me horrible, wonderful ideas. After watching series from Bernadette Banner, and this series from Engineering Knits, I decided to take a stab at making my own Victorian undergarments: chemise, drawers, petticoat, stockings, and skeleton corset. By hand. No machine. With hand knitted/crocheted trim and… Continue reading Let the Insanity Begin


Woman Killed by Underwear

I've talked in the past about how dangerous 19th century fashion was. From the dyes used in clothing to the creams women used on their faces, fashion was a deadly business during the Victorian period. Crinolines are the Civil War-era descendants of the big, poofy underskirts of the 16-1700s. With a form made of wire… Continue reading Woman Killed by Underwear


Crafting: 1898 Style

Our village season has officially started, and that means it's time to pick my crafting projects for the summer, the ones I'll keep in my basket to work on when I'm volunteering. What makes a crafting project okay for 1898? Obviously, Victorian women knitted, crocheted, sewed, embroidered, etc, but what other considerations does one need to… Continue reading Crafting: 1898 Style

ohio village

What’s in my bag: 1890s

It's that time of year. Time to break out the corset, pin up my hair, and go about in my best Gibson Girl style (which, admittedly, isn't very good. I've never been able to master that updo). Opening day at the village is tomorrow, and it's time to sort through my basket. I thought I'd… Continue reading What’s in my bag: 1890s

ohio village

Time Jump

Last weekend was our season opening at the village. It was busy, and exciting, and so much fun, even if we did get rained out on Saturday afternoon. Since we have moved into the 1890s, I've updated my character a bit. Instead of working for the Sanitary Commission like her predecessor, Miss Charlotte Brown (so… Continue reading Time Jump


Current projects

Just two that I've been working on lately. The white is half a snood, and the blue/purple/green is an almost-done kindle sleeve. My wrists have been mothering me, so the knitting slowed down a bit this week. Is it the weekend yet?

Living History

In Character Part IV: Undergarments

Okay, I confess! I cheat just a little when it comes to period undergarments, just because no one is going to see them (well, unless I blog about them....) The photo to the left shows me in my winter undergarments, right before Dickens of a Christmas. This involves a lot of time outside in the… Continue reading In Character Part IV: Undergarments

Living History

In Character Part II: The Blouse

  The irony of this blouse is that it's the only piece I used a pattern for, and it was still the hardest to make with the worst fit. I'm still not happy with it. I've remade it twice, and it's still not what I want. Alas, it looks like this will be our last… Continue reading In Character Part II: The Blouse