Cat Update

Just a few photos this time. We made it through September without incident (insert me knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder) which means it's the first time since March we haven't had at least one trip to the vet. Hopefully, October will continue this trend. So far everyone is doing well.  Our… Continue reading Cat Update


Lord and Lady Fluffington Purr Again

Yes, I'm the kind of crazy that writes silly stories about my cats. If you want to read the first installment, you can find it here. There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort. However when one is forced into staying home, such as during a quarantine of extended period, it does become… Continue reading Lord and Lady Fluffington Purr Again


A Void

If you've been following me on Instagram or Twitter, then you might have some idea of just how hard the last week and a half have been. On the 25th, just before dinner time, Morrigan, who had never before shown any interest in the outdoors other than stalking squirrels through the window, forced her way… Continue reading A Void


Check in, with Cats

I hop you are all staying well. So far, despite essentially being at Ground Zero, we are okay. Ash and I have been isolating as much as possible, but we are still both expected to go into work for the time being. I spent the weekend sewing and knitting, and you'll see some of what… Continue reading Check in, with Cats


Sunday Tarot with Bonus Blooper Reel

Happy Sunday! We're starting off the week with another fun reading and a new deck! I'm trying out the Halloween Oracle for the first time this week (yes, I know, it's January. I don't care) so I thought I'd do a bit of a themed spread for the upcoming week. And remember, these readings are… Continue reading Sunday Tarot with Bonus Blooper Reel

city life, life


This isn't QUITE a return to blogging, though I wish it was. At the moment, we still are lacking internet in our apartment, which makes it hard to do things like compose blog posts, and I only have time to get to the library on weekends. We did, however, make it to Seattle. The trip… Continue reading #SeattleFound


You don’t mind, do you?

I forgot that it's Friday again, and I don't have a blog post ready. So here, let me distract you with cat pictures.     I am a big fan of Hermes' multi-colored toe beans. I have several pictures of them. Like what you see? Check out By Popular Demand…


By Popular Demand…

I'm starting to get a complex. The last two times I've held polls on Twitter about what kind of blogs my readers what to see something like this has been the result: My cats have more fans than I do. But really, with cuteness like this, I can't be mad. We are all adjusting to… Continue reading By Popular Demand…