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My Top 10 Yarn Picks

KnitPicks Stroll Hand Paints $13.99 / 100g / 462yds75% superfine superwash merino / 25% nylonFingering weight Stroll fingering handpaint in "Redwing Blackbird, from one of my WIPs I'll be sharing in a couple of weeks. If you've been here a while you know Knitpicks is my go to for most of my yarn, and Stroll… Continue reading My Top 10 Yarn Picks


Knitpicks Mighty Stitch yarn review

By now you probably all know about my undying love for Knitpicks. They are a great source for budget yarn that isn't 100% acrylic, and I love ordering basics from them--things like everyday sock yarn, solid colors, and yarns I need in larger quantities. Their Shine and Comfy lines are two of my top picks… Continue reading Knitpicks Mighty Stitch yarn review


Knitpicks Options Review

I've been wanting to delve into the world of interchangeable knitting needles for a while, but the set I had my eye on is $115 and I seldom see it on sale. So when I saw this set of Knitpicks Options needles on sale for $35 (Regularly $49.00), I decided it was time to give… Continue reading Knitpicks Options Review


Stash Acquisitions

We all need something to do while stuck at home, right? Prior to the cat fiasco, I had some unexpected money come my way. I ordered some yarn (gasp! Shock!). Some of it I got just because it was pretty, some of it I got because I have personal projects planned for it, and others… Continue reading Stash Acquisitions


Largess for the Baron & Baroness

On the list of things that should have been done by the end of 2019, these socks are numbers two and three on the list. (Where is number one, you ask? Um...Check back next week.) When we moved to Seattle, we didn't know anyone, except a handful of online friends. We got lucky, though, in… Continue reading Largess for the Baron & Baroness


A little experiment

You know that feeling when there's something you've had your eye on for a while, but haven't purchased it yet? And then finally, you get your hands on it, and it's not what you were hoping for? That's the story of this yarn. Knitpicks Chroma laceweight, in Sandpiper. I'd been eyeing it online for over… Continue reading A little experiment


Blackcurrants and Lavender

You know when you get or make a Brand New Thing, and it's perfect and you love it and you use it all the time, and then gnomes run off with it in the night, probably because they saw your love for the Brand New Thing and want it for themselves? Or possibly just to… Continue reading Blackcurrants and Lavender


Long time coming

Sometimes, I knock out a project in a couple of hours. I pick up my needles and before I've realized it, it's been six hours, I haven't had anything to eat or drink, I've binge watched an entire series on Netflix, and suddenly I have two hats and a shawl sitting beside me on the… Continue reading Long time coming

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Stress Knitting Finished Objects

With all these socks I've been knitting, I guess you could say I've really been stepping it up, huh? It felt so good to get these teal socks off the needles. I started them way back in July, as one of my village crafting projects. I worked on them off and on, but my new character… Continue reading Stress Knitting Finished Objects