By Popular Demand…

I'm starting to get a complex. The last two times I've held polls on Twitter about what kind of blogs my readers what to see something like this has been the result: My cats have more fans than I do. But really, with cuteness like this, I can't be mad. We are all adjusting to… Continue reading By Popular Demand…


Kitten Spam

I'm leaving for Steampunk Symposium today, so distract you from my absence here are adorable kitten pictures: I'll be back on Monday with my monthly wrap up, and your first glimpse at the All For One cover!


Growing the Pantheon

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@knotmagick on both) you might have missed that we added a new addition to our family last week: Bast is 7 months old and weighs about 7lbs, so they're the most petite of our felines. Yes, that's right. I used "they" for a cat. Because honestly...we're… Continue reading Growing the Pantheon


How to Fix Holes in Knitting, or Why the Kitten is in the Dog House

Hey guys, this is a pretty picture heavy post, just a heads up. I'm also having some issues with formatting on WP, so I apologize in advance if things look a little screwy. I've done everything I can to fix it! The Lokibeast is very fond of socks. For some reason, he has decided that… Continue reading How to Fix Holes in Knitting, or Why the Kitten is in the Dog House


Current Projects

I don't have a whole lot to show at the moment, but since the holidays are over I have been working on the Evie Shell. I split for the front and back just before Christmas, and since then it has been flying along. I've got about 1" left on the front before I can kitchner… Continue reading Current Projects


A New Addition

There's been a little radio silence around here, both on the blog and on the podcast. (I'd hopped to have a new episode up by this week but the essay isn't gelling the way I'd like. So if you have anything you would like to share on the subject of typewriters in film or on… Continue reading A New Addition