My Favorite Witch Trial

I watch a lot of weird stuff on Youtube. Usually that weird stuff is history related, and last weekend was no exception. Also, if you haven't figured it out by now, I have a pretty morbid sense of curiosity. I've been fascinated by witch trials since middle school, but everyone likes to focus on the… Continue reading My Favorite Witch Trial


Cabin Fever

It's that time of year again, when the snow finally starts to melt and we see the sun for the first time in ages. And then the cold comes back and we all want to crawl back in bed and hide again. It's the time of year when running away from home seems like a… Continue reading Cabin Fever


Rambling Rovers

Following our normal travel pattern, we went out this morning to explore, then came back to the hotel to chill for a bit before heading back to town with a more definitive goal. We took the 16a from the hotel to downtown, picked up a 5 day bus pass (20 euro for unlimited bus rides?… Continue reading Rambling Rovers


The Luck of the Irish

Landing in a foreign country is always very exciting, and also a little scary. This time, I felt an insane sense of relief--for the next six days, I don't have to attempt to speak a foreign language every time I open my mouth. Now, having been in Ireland for all of two hours, I can… Continue reading The Luck of the Irish