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Randomly, from the Internet

As I frequently ask myself--why don't I live in England? Kingston University is now offering a Masters program in knitwear design. *Sigh.* If only I didn't have to earn a living. There are about four Master's programs that I would love to enroll in right now (not all of them knitwear related). I also spied… Continue reading Randomly, from the Internet

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Spectator Sport

Starting today, a vast number of people will be turning their attention to Russia and the winter Olympics. I don't plan on watching. For starters, I'm not a sports fan, I'm not a snow fan, and we've got enough of it here. Then there's the whole "Why is Russia even hosting the Olympics after all… Continue reading Spectator Sport


Bibliophile Crack

Many knitters know that Ravelry is the number one time sucker out there you can find everything on Ravelry, and it all comes from knitters. While surfing the groups, I came across this group, which encourages members to read 52 books in the 52 weeks of 2009. I love to read. I read all the… Continue reading Bibliophile Crack


Vocabulary Lesson

It occured to me as I signed in that some people might not know what an "eff'd oh" is, especially if they are one of the non-crafters I handed this web address to directly. An "eff'd oh" is a way of saying FO or "Finished Object". I kind of stole that name from the JenLa… Continue reading Vocabulary Lesson