The Obsession Grows

If you aren't interested in vintage, antiques, or typewriters, go ahead and skip this post. I promise I'm still knitting and will write more about that soon. For everyone else: Squee!! So in the last two days I've spent the vast majority of my time at home scouring the internet for information on typewriters. I've… Continue reading The Obsession Grows



  One thing that completely boggles me about Florence is the number of master painters who lived and worked in this city and yet the lighting is so terrible. Maybe things were different back in the 1500s, when there were fewer buildings, but it's hard to imagine this city as anything other than tightly packed… Continue reading Teaser


Bibliophile Crack

Many knitters know that Ravelry is the number one time sucker out there you can find everything on Ravelry, and it all comes from knitters. While surfing the groups, I came across this group, which encourages members to read 52 books in the 52 weeks of 2009. I love to read. I read all the… Continue reading Bibliophile Crack

college life

Call Me Scarecrow

Has anyone seen my brain? Things have been a teensy bit crazy lately. I've had a ton of homework, and with no real internet access at the house, it's been a little hard to do anything online. I do have studio space at school now, with a great connection, so things have steadied out a… Continue reading Call Me Scarecrow