Magic in the Headlines Release Day!

That's right, AJ's story is now out in the world. Currently only ebooks are available--I'm having some issues with Amazon at the moment regarding the cover for the paperback cover. They are coming, it just might be a little while before they become available. Because we will be moving at the end of July, I… Continue reading Magic in the Headlines Release Day!


Failures and Starting Again

Some of you might remember a project I posted about a while back, a set of summery Victorian undergarments I was hand sewing and planned to make hand knit/crocheted lace for. I wanted to start on the lace, so I went back to that project, only to discover I hadn't finished assembling the chemise. I… Continue reading Failures and Starting Again


By the Grace and ARC Availability

It is difficult enough in this age of awareness to be autistic, but in 1918 it didn’t yet exist as a diagnosis. With no vocabulary to describe her experiences or explain why certain things bother her, Julia Grace must navigate the social minefield that is Mt. Sinai School for Young Ladies. She leans on her… Continue reading By the Grace and ARC Availability


Knitting for Living History

Working in the Ohio Village, a lot of volunteers have wondered where to find historically accurate patterns that they can work on while in costume and later incorporate into their personal wardrobes. If you are looking for historically inspired patterns, then there are hundreds of sources online (check Ravelry first!) that house recreations of historical… Continue reading Knitting for Living History

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Dressed to Kill, Part I: Introduction

Earlier this summer I was fascinated to see that a Toronto Museum (The Bata Shoe Museum, to be specific. I can’t even imagine an entire museum dedicated to shoes. My head might explode) is doing an exhibition about poisoned garments. It reminded me of a story that I heard while living in Florence, about a… Continue reading Dressed to Kill, Part I: Introduction