Spooky Book Bingo!

I am pleased to announce that my books, The Evie Cappelli Series, Off the Rails, and By the Grace, are Featured Books in the first annual Spooky Book Bingo reading challenge! Keep reading to find out more about this challenge, including how to win a huge prize pack of ebooks. Spooky Book Bingo is a… Continue reading Spooky Book Bingo!

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Halloween Movie Marathon

A couple of weeks ago my Facebook feed was making a big deal about the ABC Family Halloween movie line up. Personally, I thought that it was a little lackluster. And then I looked at my own movie collection and though, I can do better. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I'm not a horror fan.… Continue reading Halloween Movie Marathon


The Big Bust

Alice and I arrived at the club at nine last night, just as things were about to get started. We gawked at the costumes for a while ("Mr. Doughnut boy really needs to put on pants." "What the hell is that supposed to be?" "Check out Patrick! He's a skunk!" "Is that a fortune teller… Continue reading The Big Bust



I just finished making my Halloween costume. The costume was designed, hand sewn, and modeled by me, with photos taken by my roommate, Alice. Brigid is a triple goddess, meaning she has aspects of the maiden, mother, and crone. It is speculated that she is who Morgan LeFay is based off of. I've been working… Continue reading SQUEE!