holiday knitting

Knitmas Gifts

It's that time of year again, when knitters the world over anxiously ply their needles and all queries are met with a slightly panicked "Shh! I'm counting!" That's right, it's the Giftmas season, and as usual I didn't even think of my handmade gifts until the last possible moment. I had a general block on… Continue reading Knitmas Gifts


Largess for the Baron & Baroness

On the list of things that should have been done by the end of 2019, these socks are numbers two and three on the list. (Where is number one, you ask? Um...Check back next week.) When we moved to Seattle, we didn't know anyone, except a handful of online friends. We got lucky, though, in… Continue reading Largess for the Baron & Baroness


Giftmas Knitting I

Several years ago I made it a rule not to knit for Christmas. I then proceeded to break that rule...pretty much every year since. Whoops. This year, with the cross country move, there is pretty much no money for buying gifts, and anyway they are difficult to get back to Ohio with current constraints on… Continue reading Giftmas Knitting I