Top New to Me Authors of 2015

Author: Rainbow Rowell Book read: Fangirl Genre: YA, romance I read so many series books that sometimes a stand alone is a nice change of pace. The best way that I can describe her style is to call it "soft." This was in part due to the nature of the book and the main character.… Continue reading Top New to Me Authors of 2015


Short and Sweet

But getting longer. In other news, this video broke me a little.


May I borrow your shoe phone?

Since today was my day off, Mom and I drove into Hilliard to see a movie. We stopped first at work, so that I could spend the lovely $30 gift card that she and my dad got me. I picked up two new tops and a pair of pants for work. It's sad that I… Continue reading May I borrow your shoe phone?


Birthday Swag

I turn 21 tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday by inviting family and neighbors over. Mostly, I got cash (just the way I like it), so today I went out to spend it. I got three old French primers from my great-great aunt who recently passed away (I only met her once and we never spoke;… Continue reading Birthday Swag


Weaving in Ends

M'kay. So I'm maybe a little bit behind in my photo-taking. Last night I FINALLY sat down and wove in the ends on the Medusa Shawl. I also finished the Turkish Rib scarf, added the fringe and wove in my ends. For some reason, that last little bit of yarn came out of Hammer Space,… Continue reading Weaving in Ends


Will Knit for Vampire Lover

Unfortunate American female (20) seeks Canadian husband to gain citizenship. Will provide hand-knit garments in exchange. Need not be heterosexual. Resemblance to Kyle Schmid not mandatory, but a definite bonus. Being Kyle Schmid is guaranteed acceptance. Fangirl much? Nah. Don't know what you're talking about. Hm. I haven't talked about my knitting lately, have I?… Continue reading Will Knit for Vampire Lover

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Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair

Obviously, this description does not apply to me. But, if you look over in the sidebar, you'll see a link to Crazy Aunt Purl. Laurie Perry is the woman who writes that blog. CAP is the reason I got into the blogging community. I can't remember what I Googled, but I was looking up something… Continue reading Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair