Ramble: Mental Health Discussions with Family

I had a long talk with my mom over the weekend about mental health. Up to that point, I hadn't told her I was taking medication for my anxiety and depression. I spoke before about how hard it was for me to get help. There was the stigma mental health discussions carried, the fear of… Continue reading Ramble: Mental Health Discussions with Family

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Is it over yet?

This week has been sooo long, and it's not over yet. Last weekend was a big family celebration. I went up to the lake with my parents, grandma, and aunt, and we celebrated Father's Day/my birthday. Tons of fun and great food were had by all, and i walked away with a great steampunk hat,… Continue reading Is it over yet?


Then and Now

I had hoped to make this a writing weekend, but my plans fell apart in the end and I wound up doing some serious housework instead. The bathroom got a deep cleaning, as did the living room. I cleaned off my desk, organized my filing cabinet, and weeded through the living room. Curtains were hung,… Continue reading Then and Now



It's been a long day. My mom and I both had rough days at work. I was an hour late picking her up for various reasons, and we stopped for food because the closest thing I'd had to a meal in the last ten and a half hours was a handful of potato chips and… Continue reading ER


Crash and Burn

I'm at the parents house for the next week or so for Christmas. I can't believe that in just over a week I'm leaving for Europe. I still have so much to do! Progress has been slow and steady on the Slytherin scarf. It was interupted by necessary last minute Christmas knitting. I'm making a… Continue reading Crash and Burn


Thanksgiving Breaking Point

Just for a little perspective on the cost of that week in the UK, a one way ticket to Florence was $1300, and a round trip ticket was $1200 (why on earth is a round trip ticket cheaper than one way? Why?). Right now, I am shaking. I nixed the idea of a letter, but… Continue reading Thanksgiving Breaking Point



How do you tell your family you want to leave and never come back? How do you fit the rest of your life into two suitcases and two carry on pieces of luggage? How do you purchase a one way ticket to a place you've never been before? I don't know how to answer these… Continue reading How?