2017 Events and Appearances

That's right! I'm going places in 2017! Well, a place. But I'm hoping to add more stops throughout the year and going into 2018. For now, you can look for me at Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati on April 28, 29, and 30. I will be co-hosting 2 panels, and possibly a reading. I might also have… Continue reading 2017 Events and Appearances


The Un-Illustrated Edition

One of these days, I'm going to remember to take actual photos when I go to Symposium. I swear, it will happen. Eventually. Every year, I pack my camera, charger, cord, and extra battery with the intention of drafting 1-3 blog posts while I'm away. I think about the types of things I want pictures… Continue reading The Un-Illustrated Edition


Notes and Invites

If you need further directions for the Type-in, you can email me at knotmagickknitter@gmail.com, or you can drop me a line on Nano, where I hang out under the name Sine Peril.

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It Takes a Village

I promised on Wednesday to tell you more about the Ohio Village, so I'll give you a brief rundown today. The Ohio Village is connected to the Ohio Historical Society. It is a reproduction of a typical central Ohio town from about the Civil War era, though the buildings themselves were constructed in the 1970s… Continue reading It Takes a Village

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Coming and Going

Hello, beautiful. What you see before you is a 1958 Chevrolet Impala and my new love. This little beauty was one of four Impalas at the Belfountaine Hot Summer Nights Car show yesterday. Okay, well, two days ago now since it is officially after midnight. Dad's '53 won a Top 50 award and he won… Continue reading Coming and Going


My Life is Complete

Today started out kind of shitty. I woke up earlier than expected, so not only was I tired, but I had several hours with nothing to do, because I had to be quiet so as not to wake up my housemates. Then, Alice's parents were coming into town, so we ended up getting delayed about… Continue reading My Life is Complete


Ooh, shiney!

Mom, Dad and I went to the Good Guys car show in Columbus today. 4,000+ classic cars. Squee! A lot of people think I'm pretty girly, because I like to knit and crochet and make frothy, foamy girly dresses, but I'm also a bit of a tomboy. I love cars, especially Chevys from 1958-73. The… Continue reading Ooh, shiney!



I like swag bags, especially when they are full of yarn. It is sad when that yarn is 100% wool, since I am allergic to it, but a bag of free yarn and patterns means happiness nonetheless. I gave the brown and green balls to Alice, because she didn't get a swag bag since she's… Continue reading Swag