Cabin Fever

It's that time of year again, when the snow finally starts to melt and we see the sun for the first time in ages. And then the cold comes back and we all want to crawl back in bed and hide again. It's the time of year when running away from home seems like a… Continue reading Cabin Fever

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The Age of Entertainment

If you've been here for any length of time, then by now you are aware of my love of media--television, books, movies. And my favorites are period pieces. So, for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to look at various eras in history (primarily the early 20th century), the stories they produced and the… Continue reading The Age of Entertainment


The Luck of the Irish

Landing in a foreign country is always very exciting, and also a little scary. This time, I felt an insane sense of relief--for the next six days, I don't have to attempt to speak a foreign language every time I open my mouth. Now, having been in Ireland for all of two hours, I can… Continue reading The Luck of the Irish



Busy, busy days. We have seen so much stuff in the last few days. Buckingham Palace, Parliment, Westminster, the Tower Bridge, Picadilly, China Town. Alice swears that she saw Bill Nighy when we were in Picadilly, but I was facing the wrong direction and she didn't want to say anything. I guess he was about… Continue reading Chill

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The Last Forty-Eight Hours

They say that the first 48 hours are the most important part of an investigation. When one is preparing to leave the country, however, often it's the reverse. The last 48 hours in one location are often a flurry of packing, ticket double checking, making sure all electronics are off and unplugged, catching up on… Continue reading The Last Forty-Eight Hours


3 flights, 2 days, 1 headcold, 0 showers later…

We arrived in Amsterdam around 7:20 am yesterday. We got something to eat, changed clothes, and then waited for our next flight. The airport was huge, but not as huge as Boston. My grasp of European geography is sketchy at best. We never covered it in school, except a little when we studied WWII. This… Continue reading 3 flights, 2 days, 1 headcold, 0 showers later…