Typewriters at Bedtime

Reading: Treasure Island Watching: Get Smart the Movie Just to clarify: When I mentioned the podcast, I was intending to do it myself. The think is, with being so new to the hobby, I would like to see more listener participation than I have with the podcasts I've produced previously (writing in, comments/questions, things like… Continue reading Typewriters at Bedtime


Not-so secret squirrels

So I had this dream last night. In it, we drove up to visit my great-grandma, who was "pleasantly confused," as my mom would put it (early Alzheimer's). She was living in this dingy apartment, and had half a dozen pet squirrels running around. Okay, we thought, it's kind of weird that she put clothes… Continue reading Not-so secret squirrels


The World Tour

This is a list I've had for a few years now, though its expanded greatly since last semester. The premise is this: Alice and I have become published, famous authors. We're going on a book tour, and can pick some (well, I guess more like ALL the cities) that we visit. We're each taking our… Continue reading The World Tour


I Knit so I do not Kill People

There are now 43 people signed up for the Peace Project! Woot! My cold is doing a little better. I managed to get some medicine from the Farmacia near the apartment, and it is working wonders. I'm 80% human today, rather than the 50% or less that I have been lately. I think I may… Continue reading I Knit so I do not Kill People

college life

Anywhere but here

Sometimes, when I'm driving on the freeway into Columbus, coming home, or walking the few blocks down Cleveland or Grant to the library, I imagine that I am in Montreal, or London, or Paris. Even New York, so long as it's not Columbus, not Ohio, not the midwest. I can almost fool myself for about… Continue reading Anywhere but here