Spotting Scams for Authors

As I've been advertising more over the past year, I've started getting some questionable messages in my DMs and inbox, so I thought it was about time to outline a few of the scams out there directed at writers. Some of these are out-and-out-fraud, while others are just things that you shouldn't pay for in… Continue reading Spotting Scams for Authors

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#ShoreIndie 2017–Because 140 Characters are Not Enough

For those who don't know, I've spent the last month on tenterhooks waiting for results of yet another Twitter writing contest. This one though, was a bit different. Instead of one of the multitude of events like #Pitchwars or #Pitmad geared at gaining an agent, #ShoreIndie, started by Sione Aeschliman (@writelearndream) is aimed at helping… Continue reading #ShoreIndie 2017–Because 140 Characters are Not Enough