The Frankenputer lives!

This week has taken a huge load off my shoulders. The wedding dress went off to the bride on Friday, and on Saturday Ash and I attended the Mid Ohio Indie Author Book fair. It was a lot of fun, particularly when a little girl saw Ash's sign for drawings-on-demand and asked how much it… Continue reading The Frankenputer lives!


Blue (and all the other colors, too)

Currently Reading: Death's Mistress Currently Watching: Star Trek TOS season 2 This week has been positively tragic in terms of technology. It's getting better, but I'm still avoiding pretty much anything that requires and electrical outlet. Thankfully, George (the laptop, named after the Nancy Drew character) is used to my slightly magnetic personality and doesn't… Continue reading Blue (and all the other colors, too)


Technology sucks (but I love it anyway)

I've been putting off updating until I had pictures, and also because well, I'm in the middle of nowhere and there really isn't much to say. First though, the pictures. Once more, I have been thwarted by my camera. I bought a new Fuji FinePiz Z20 almost as soon as I got back. I love… Continue reading Technology sucks (but I love it anyway)


Cabled Laptop Cozy

I'm only a little behind. This is the "finished" image of my laptop cozy. I've attempted several times to make one in the past, but it always ended up frogged. This time around, I was determined to make it work. Stats: Times frogged: 4 for this attempt, at least twelve overall. Yarn: 1 skane of… Continue reading Cabled Laptop Cozy


Still falling, but a little slower now…

This post was going to go up several days ago, but computer problems have gotten in the way. The school computers have been unbelievably slow, and then the charger on my laptop broke. To buy a new one from apple would mean paying $70, a ton of shipping and customs, and hoping they'll send it… Continue reading Still falling, but a little slower now…