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Semester Stats

Days until finals: 2 Number of hours spent studying: 0 Number of thesis pages written (10 due): 2.5 Outlines completed: 1 of 1 Exams taken: 1 Grade received: "A/A-" (What does that mean, anyway? It's one or the other.) Days left in the semester: 5 Novels finished: 2 Novels started: 2 Books read: 18 Cities… Continue reading Semester Stats

college life

In Control?

So Alice and I met with the representative from the Italian Consulate this morning, sighed our paperwork, and then mailed everything out for approval by the consulate (whose nearest office is in Detroit). I get really nervous when I don't know exactly where my passport is, and I have a very good reason. When I… Continue reading In Control?

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Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, that's right. Another year older, as of 8:49 pm, EST. And what a great two days it has been. I got some of my presents early, things from my mom because apparently, I'm hard to shop for (when did this happen? Seriously. Three words: Amazon Gift Card. That's all you need to know). Both… Continue reading Happy Birthday to Me


How did I miss this?

There have been many adventures happening the last few days, not all of them good. If you've been on yahoo recently, you probably heard about the Italian Parliment desolving. What we didn't know going in to this whole study abroad thing is that there is a parliment building less than a block from one of… Continue reading How did I miss this?