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Lamest excuse for missing class EVER

But at least you know it has to be true. Because if I was just going to ditch, I’d make up something like, “My great aunt Gertrude got in a sky diving accident and I had to go to her funeral in Finnland,” not, “I couldn’t find a place to park.” I don’t get it.… Continue reading Lamest excuse for missing class EVER


In One Piece

About a week after I got home, my bag showed up. Everything was intact, praise Hermes (not the cat, but I assume he would appreciate praise as well. "In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods. They have not forgotten this." I beleive that's either Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchet, but I'm not positive. Please… Continue reading In One Piece


Still not caught up, but getting there

Last night I finished the third Cassie Tanner novel and gave it a new title--The Death and Resurrection Show. It's about 15,000 words shorter than I wanted it, but I'm still editing the first draft of Life is a Zoo, so I think that going back to re-visit the first two books will help me… Continue reading Still not caught up, but getting there

college life

Funny Stuff

So. I just got out of my exam for On Site conservation, which is all about frescos. The first question on the exam was to name the layers of a fresco and what they are made of: Rinsaffo, Aricho, and Intonico. Only when I was sitting there at my desk, I had a brain fart.… Continue reading Funny Stuff


Acheivment Cat Purrs Again

Exactly ten weeks after I started, I finished my second novel in the Cassie Tanner series at just under 65,000 words. I have a possible beta reader on deck, but I'd like to have at least three so that I can get different opinions. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I need someone… Continue reading Acheivment Cat Purrs Again



Yesterday was a bit of an anticlimax. We went back to Lafayette park, picked up "Worth it?" and then Mrs. Alice's Mom took Alice shopping (I was there too, but it wasn't my kind of store (It wasn't Alice's either, for that matter) and I've already spent too much money on this trip, so I… Continue reading Resigned

college life

Listing Things.

1. I haven't been updating because life has been a big bag of "suck" and "fail" for the last few weeks. Basically, all semester, and I haven't been wanting to broadcast my bad mood onto the internet. 2. It's been so bad that I haven't been knitting. Seriously. Haven't touched the pointy sticks since I… Continue reading Listing Things.

thesis show

(Spring) Break?

Okay, I've been meaning to update for a couple of weeks now. First off, the show went up the first week of March, and while I won't call it a hit, it was something of a success. There was a small turn out for the reception (we still have two tupperware containers of mini muffins… Continue reading (Spring) Break?


Bullet Points

1. I'm taking a page from Crazy Aunt Purl and doing this list style, because I'm too scatter brained for anything coherent. 2. Vanyel is the new love of my life. I'm working on a three ply right now, and have fiber on five of my six bobbins. 3. My show will officially open in… Continue reading Bullet Points


The End is Near

The end of the semester, that is. I won't bore you will all of the gory details, but here are some of the crafty/arty things I've been working on: 1. I had to buy wool for a class project. I only needed a little out of the 1 lb package, so the rest has been… Continue reading The End is Near