Typewriter Month

Whoops. It looks like once again, I missed ITAM. I've been meaning to get out the typewriters for the last few weeks, but there's usually someone asleep every time I have a chance, and Louis, my dear old (LOUD) Woodstock, just doesn't go over very well with the roommate.  She is generally supportive of the… Continue reading Typewriter Month


Retro Office Supplies

I missed stapler week here on the typosphere. Unlike  lot of you, I don't have much in the way of retro office supplies (other than the typewriters, but even that collection is small compared to some, since I can still count them all on my fingers). I do have a few vintage supplies though Red… Continue reading Retro Office Supplies


The Obsession Grows

If you aren't interested in vintage, antiques, or typewriters, go ahead and skip this post. I promise I'm still knitting and will write more about that soon. For everyone else: Squee!! So in the last two days I've spent the vast majority of my time at home scouring the internet for information on typewriters. I've… Continue reading The Obsession Grows