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11 (More) Movies of Christmas

In the process of archive-diving for post inspiration, I came across this from all the way back in 2015. Seems like it's time for an update, no? 1. NoelleAvailable on Disney+, this gives me Elf vibes, but less annoying (I really can't stand Will Farrell), with a dash of The Santa Clause thrown in.  2.… Continue reading 11 (More) Movies of Christmas


Largess for the Baron & Baroness

On the list of things that should have been done by the end of 2019, these socks are numbers two and three on the list. (Where is number one, you ask? Um...Check back next week.) When we moved to Seattle, we didn't know anyone, except a handful of online friends. We got lucky, though, in… Continue reading Largess for the Baron & Baroness


Pickle Tree

Continuing the theme of "The Victorians were weird and morbid" I have another Christmas tradition for you, one many of you might be familiar with but don't know the origin of: The Christmas Pickle. In some parts of Germany[1] and Eastern Europe, it is tradition to hang a pickle ornament somewhere on the tree. It's… Continue reading Pickle Tree


Season’s Greetings, Victorian Style

Last week I did a miniature version of this post on Twitter, but I thought it might be night be nice to put it all in one semi-comprehensive post.  In the 1800s, the Christmas season was a big deal. This was due in large part to the work of Charles Dickens, whose work brought a… Continue reading Season’s Greetings, Victorian Style


A Mess of Finished Objects

I have been massively productive on the knitting since I went on my holiday hiatus. Most of these things are gifts, but a few I made for myself. This year was unusual, in that I actually had knitwear requests from family members. Usually they are pretty ambivalent to my knitting (I think "tolerant" might be… Continue reading A Mess of Finished Objects


The 12 Movies of Christmas

Last year I struggled to find good Holiday movies to watch in December. I found a few new ones in the process, and tracked down some old favorites. I realize that this is probably a pretty non-standard list. What movies are on yours? 1. Little Women (1949) The first third of this movie is all… Continue reading The 12 Movies of Christmas