The Last Ghost of Charleston

I promise, this is my last post about the trip. 🙂 Aside from tours, we also spent a lot of time writing (well...it was a writing workshop.) The following is a free writing exercise based on one of our prompts--to imagine ourselves as a ghost. Thus, the following creepy little narrative was born. Enjoy! I… Continue reading The Last Ghost of Charleston


Julia’s Ghost

The second Charleston ghost story I want to share with you isn't actually from a location I visited, but caught my attention due to my "Would This Kill Me in the 1800s?" series. One of Charleston's most iconic churches is the Circular Church on Meeting Street, though that's not where this story takes place. In the… Continue reading Julia’s Ghost


Susan’s Ghost

St. Philip's Church in Charleston is home to the oldest congregation in the city, established in 1838. It boasts a soaring bell tower and columns in addition to a stone and iron fence surrounding both it's graveyards--yes, that's right, it has two. One, adjacent to the church, is (historically) for those of old Charleston families,… Continue reading Susan’s Ghost



I'm back! The trip was wonderful, if exhausting. I drove down with my mom, since she's always wanted to see the city. Google told us it would be 10 hours, but it ended up being 15 after traffic. I was dead tired by the time we got to our hotel. The only thing sustaining me… Continue reading Charleston