Cat Update

Just a few photos this time. We made it through September without incident (insert me knocking on wood and throwing salt over my shoulder) which means it's the first time since March we haven't had at least one trip to the vet. Hopefully, October will continue this trend. So far everyone is doing well.  Our… Continue reading Cat Update


Growing the Pantheon

If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@knotmagick on both) you might have missed that we added a new addition to our family last week: Bast is 7 months old and weighs about 7lbs, so they're the most petite of our felines. Yes, that's right. I used "they" for a cat. Because honestly...we're… Continue reading Growing the Pantheon


This is not helping.

Hermes is rather resentful of the fact that the sewing machine took most of my attention yesterday. He's used to me sitting at the computer or reading on my bed when I'm home, so this change to his routine was most unwelcome. In the end, though, he decided to "help" me put together a quilt… Continue reading This is not helping.


Separation Anxiety, Part II

I am surprised that the cat is even in the same room with me right now, or that he hasn't killed me in my sleep. Over the weekend, Missouri had some unexpected time off. Since we had time off together, we decided (with about 12 hours warning) to drive down to Memphis so that she… Continue reading Separation Anxiety, Part II

Hermes, Uncategorized

Separation Anxiety

I've been gone so much this week that I've developed a furry shadow when I'm home. He's by the bed while I'm reading and watching television. If I sleep too late, he makes sure to wake me, just to make sure I'm okay. (Yeah, I'm fine cat. But it'd be nice to sleep in for… Continue reading Separation Anxiety



I started on the test knit for Northman last night. I want to make sure my math is accurate with a different number of cast on stitches, so I'm using a slightly different yarn. For this one, I'm only doing the band of faire isle at the brim (mostly because I had to double strand… Continue reading Teaser


A New Addition

There's been a little radio silence around here, both on the blog and on the podcast. (I'd hopped to have a new episode up by this week but the essay isn't gelling the way I'd like. So if you have anything you would like to share on the subject of typewriters in film or on… Continue reading A New Addition


Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.

It works!! So now I'll just stick the typewriter posts in as scans, and you can skip down to the knitting bits if you so desire. Just click on the images to make them bigger/readable. Since the ribbons got here about two weeks (!!) before I was expecting them, I don't have a lot to… Continue reading Okay, so I lied about the knitting content.


Hail the Conquering Hero

The great cat v. mouse showdown lasted a whole thirty hours. Mom found the remains this morning where he'd displayed them in the living room. He's been enjoying the way we've been spoiling him. I think he's officially eared a place in my parent's house now that he's proved he's not just a kibble sucking… Continue reading Hail the Conquering Hero


The Eyes Have It.

Conjunctivitis, that is. My poor baby had to go to the vet today. His eye has been runny all week. I knew he’d have to go to the vet, but was trying to put it off until I had a paycheck in my hand. Then this afternoon I noticed that it was swollen. No more… Continue reading The Eyes Have It.