ohio village

Time Jump

Last weekend was our season opening at the village. It was busy, and exciting, and so much fun, even if we did get rained out on Saturday afternoon. Since we have moved into the 1890s, I've updated my character a bit. Instead of working for the Sanitary Commission like her predecessor, Miss Charlotte Brown (so… Continue reading Time Jump


Zoom Zoom

I got a new car!! I've been planning on getting one, with a goal of signing the papers by my birthday (end of June) but Dad decided yesterday it was high time to trade in my old truck and get something that's a bit more economical. We went in this morning and picked it up.… Continue reading Zoom Zoom


Ooh, shiney!

Mom, Dad and I went to the Good Guys car show in Columbus today. 4,000+ classic cars. Squee! A lot of people think I'm pretty girly, because I like to knit and crochet and make frothy, foamy girly dresses, but I'm also a bit of a tomboy. I love cars, especially Chevys from 1958-73. The… Continue reading Ooh, shiney!