Books Read in 2015

THE STATS Total read: 74 Rereads: 18 24% Diverse books: 12 16% Percent of goal: 123% Average page count: 401 pages Percent from To Be Read list: 57%     THE BOOKS 1) The Rape of Europa by Lynn H. Nicholas 2) Desert Queen by Janet Wallach 3) Flesh and Blood so Cheap by Albert… Continue reading Books Read in 2015

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Books Read in 2015 & Reading Stats

Total number read: 72 Percent of goal: 120 Diversity*: 17 books, 24% Rereads: 27 books, 38% From To Be Read List: 41 books, 57% *For the purposes of this list, I am counting diverse books as any author or main character who is not white, OR not able bodied OR hails form a country that… Continue reading Books Read in 2015 & Reading Stats