college life


Well, it's official. I'm graduated, and have joined the ranks of the working adult (*snort*). The day before the ceremony, my graduation present to myself (ordered a couple of months ago) arrived in the mail. You can veiw him here (You may need a Den of Angels account in order to see the thread). I… Continue reading Graduated


Sick Days

I've been sick since Sunday. At first I thought it was just allergies, but I've had a fever that comes back every time my dayquil wears off. Everything is exhausting. I stayed home from school one day, but that was all I could afford to miss. Called off work today--I really just need two good… Continue reading Sick Days

college life

Call Me Scarecrow

Has anyone seen my brain? Things have been a teensy bit crazy lately. I've had a ton of homework, and with no real internet access at the house, it's been a little hard to do anything online. I do have studio space at school now, with a great connection, so things have steadied out a… Continue reading Call Me Scarecrow