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My Top 5 Favorite Audio Books

I wanted to recommend a few audiobooks, for those that might be interested. The following are my 5 favorites, in which the audio adds an extra dimension to the quality of the story--it's not just someone reading you a book, but an experience. 1. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray, read by the author This is… Continue reading My Top 5 Favorite Audio Books


Well, that was a Surprise.

Somehow I missed the fact that I achieved my reading goal for the year two months early. The scary thing is that I've been on a book buying binge, and I've got at least 5 more books I want to read before the end of the year--plus the 4 I'm currently reading. In theory, I… Continue reading Well, that was a Surprise.

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Funny Stuff

So. I just got out of my exam for On Site conservation, which is all about frescos. The first question on the exam was to name the layers of a fresco and what they are made of: Rinsaffo, Aricho, and Intonico. Only when I was sitting there at my desk, I had a brain fart.… Continue reading Funny Stuff