The First Female (Acting) President of the U.S.

If you've been over to my reading blog, then you probably know I am not a big fan of Woodrow Wilson. In fact, I would go so far as to rank him in my top five worst presidents we've ever had, and that is a pretty competitive list. But I'm not here to talk politics,… Continue reading The First Female (Acting) President of the U.S.


Raccoon City

Do you know what happens when you stick a couple of curious people in a car for five days with little to do and limited access to social media? We google stuff. At least, as long as the cell signal holds out. We were driving through Des Moines, Iowa (day 2 of our 5 day… Continue reading Raccoon City


The Last Witch Trial in America

Normally when you think of witch trials in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind is the Salem trials of 1692. But did you know Salem had another trial nearly two hundred years later? In 1878, Lucretia Brown accused Daniel Spofford of using mesmerism on her. Both Brown and Spofford were members… Continue reading The Last Witch Trial in America


Top Non-Fiction Picks: Civil War edition

One of the most exciting things about ALL FOR ONE is that it effectively kicks off the next phase of my career. It's not that I'm abandoning urban fantasy. But I am returning to my first love--historical fiction. Now obviously, we're talking history with a twist here. Whether it's creating a theoretical alternate history, or… Continue reading Top Non-Fiction Picks: Civil War edition


Fort Blunder

Sometimes it's fun to look back and see the crazy things our predecessors did, either out of ignorance because the science didn't exist yet, or simple human error. One of my favorite examples of the latter is Fort Blunder. If you're not familiar with the story, Fort Blunder is the colloquial name for an unnamed… Continue reading Fort Blunder