Current services: 

Free Query Critiques (beta)

Author appearances (virtual/in person)

Lectures (currently in-person only)

Sensitivity reading (beta)

Book reviews

Query Critiques

Based on the popularity this has had on Twitter, I am now offering critiques of query letters, synopsis, and manuscript 1st pages for writers.

This is a free service, because I know how hard it can be to get feedback, and because I also know intimately what it’s like to be working and writing and still living hand to mouth. However, as I don’t charge, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. I am doing this in my “free” time, so it might take me a few days/up to 2 weeks to get to your submission.
  2. These critiques are my own opinion; nothing I (or anyone else, really) tell you  is set in stone. Take my feedback as you will, but if you disagree with me, please don’t fire back with something nasty. As with all forms of art, opinions are subjective and should be taken with a grain of salt (and possibly a shot of tequila).

To submit, just fill out the form below. Query letters/1st page submissions should be 1 page, a synopsis can be up to two. I’m willing to help with most fiction genres, but I’m not the best fit for romance, picture books/children’s books or hard sci-fi. I am most knowledgeable on urban fantasy and historical fiction (YA and adult). I also have some limited experience with nonfiction.

Responses will include a word attachment, unless you specify all comments should be in the body of an email in your submission.



While I do not charge for these critiques, if you find my input valuable, I hope you will consider leaving a tip in my tip jar.


Lectures and Personal Appearances

Do you have a book club or youth organization (Girl Scouts, 4-H, Power of the Pen, etc) and would like to arrange an author appearance? Contact me at author.sophiabeaumont (at) gmail (dot) com. Please note that the subject matter of my books does include anxiety and depression, including suicidal ideation. While I think it is important for young people of all ages to understand the impact of mental illness, I also understand that not every parent is comfortable discussing these matters with their children and may not consider it appropriate for readers under age 16.

My current lecture rotation includes indie and self publishing, historical research, the Victorian period, and asexual and mental health rep in fiction.

I am located in Columbus, Ohio, and am willing to travel for in-person appearances in Franklin, Madison, and Union counties. Outside of that area, I may ask for a small fee to help cover travel costs, which can be discussed at the time of inquiry.

I can also make appearances via Skype or Google if you are further away.

For a list of places I will be appearing next, please check out the Events and Appearances tab at the top of the page.


Sensitivity Reading (beta)

This is a new service I’m trying out, and unlike most of my other offerings, it is NOT free.

As this is still in beta, prices START at $100 for a 100,000 word ms or shorter, looking at issues of anxiety, depression, and asexuality. Readings may include editorial services/critiques upon request. This will impact the price.

In terms of genre, my best fit would be mysteries, urban fantasy, paranormal, and historical fiction, but I’m open to most genres (MG/YA/adult). I am not a good fit for romance/erotica, high fantasy, hard scifi, or anything involving graphic violence.

No editor or critique partner is a good fit for every project. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and we can discuss pricing, time lines, and what exactly you are looking for in a sensitivity reader.