Former 52/52 Book Challenge Lists





2012 List
1) Broken–Karin Slaughter
2) Jane–April Lindner
3) Kitty Raises Hell–Carrie Vaughn
4) Fables for Our Time–James Thurber
5) Kitty’s House of Horrors–Carrie Vaughn
6) Son of Neptune–Rick Riordan
7) Around the World in 80 Days–Jules Verne
8) Raven Calls–C.E. Murphy
9) Conquering Gotham–Jill Jonnes
10) Timeless–Gail Carriger
11) Little Women–Louisa May Alcott
12) Deathwish–Rob Thurman
13) The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker–Leanna Renee Hibber
14) The Darkly Luminous Fight for Persephone Parker–Leanna Renee Hibber
15) The Serpent’s Shadow–Rick Riordan
16) Manga Shakespeare: Twelfth Night–Nana Li
17) Laced with Magic–Barbara Bretton
18) Spun by Sorcery–Barbara Bretton
19) The Girl in the Steel Corset–Kady Cross
20) The Fallen–Celia Thomson
21) The Stolen–Celia Thomson
22) The Chosen–Celia Thomson
23) The Help–Katheryn Stockett
24) The Mark of Athena–Rick Riordan

…and that’s where I lost track.

2011 List
1) Foundation–Mercedes Lackey
2) Summer Knight–Jim Butcher
3) The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan
4) Touch the Dark–Karen Chance
5) Claimed by Shadow–Karen Chance
6) Home for a Spell–Madelyn Alt
7) Yellow–Makoto Tateno (4 volumes of manga)
8) Assorted standalone comics, graphic novels, and manga
9) Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand–Carrie Vaughn
10) Embrace the Night–Karen Chance
11) Who moved my Cheese?–Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard
12) Death masks–Jim Butcher
13) Curse the Dawn–Karen Chance
14) Casting Spells–Barbara Bretton
15) Ghost Shadow–Heather Graham
16) The Poisoner’s Handbook–Deborah Blum
17) Ghost Night–Heather Graham
18) The Return of Bruce Wayne–Grant Morrison
19) The Golden Fleece and the Heroes that Lived before Achilles–Padraic Colum
20) The Water Mirror–Kai Meyer
21) Dracula–Bram Stoker
22) Ghost Memory–Heather Graham
23) The Canterville Ghost–Oscar Wilde
24) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow–Washington Irving
25) The Throne of Fire–Rick Riordan
26) Spirit Dances–C.E. Murphy
27) Midnight’s Daughter–Karen Chance28) Blood Rites–Jim Butcher
29) World Textiles: A Concise History–Mary Schoeser
30) Ghost Moon–Heather Graham
31) Blood Rites–Jim Butcher
32) Dead Beat–Jim Butcher
33) Proven Guilty–Jim Butcher
34) The Hanged Man’s Ghost–Missouri Dalton
35) Death’s Mistress–Karen Chance
36) Heartless–Gail Carriger
37) Hunt the Moon–Karen Chance
38) A Good Yarn–Debbie Macomber
39) Brave New Knits–Julie Turjoman
40) Princess Princess (en français)–Mikiyo Tsuda
41) Treasure Island–Robert Louis Stevenson
42) Women’s Work–Elizabeth Wayland Barber
43) Irish Ghost Stories–Padraic O’Farrell
44) The Enchanted Typewriter–John Kendrick Bangs
45) Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light–Tanya Huff
46) Peter Pan and Wendy–J. M. Barrie
47) The Fire’s Stone–Tanya Huff
48) The Typewriter Girl–Olive Pratt Rayner
49) Dead in the Family–Charlaine Harris
50) The Night Shift–Missouri Dalton



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