Randomly, from the Internet

Just a drive-by post today, guys. I'm moving house in 2 weeks, and slightly overwhelmed. Hopefully you'll find these as interesting as I did! 14 Victorian women of color. 67 Rules Authors live by. Girls knit their way to STEM careers? Creative work aides with mental health. Victorian diagnosis & treatments for depression. Transgender people… Continue reading Randomly, from the Internet

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Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due, part 15

Mother insisted Alexandra come home with us. Usually a night owl, it didn't take much to convince her to take a hot bath and go straight to bed, even though it was still a little early. When Elizabeth and Rose heard what had happened, she found herself once again enveloped in hugs. Elizabeth went up… Continue reading Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due, part 15

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The Spider’s Web ReRelease!

Watch this space! My Return of Rights letter has been received, so over the next several weeks The Spider's Web and The Night Wars Collection will be reformatted and re-released on Amazon. I don't have an exact date just yet, but The Spider's Web should be out by the end of January. One big change… Continue reading The Spider’s Web ReRelease!


Books of 2016

2016 is officially my best read year ever, with a total of 80 books. Rereads: 7 9% Diverse books: 4 5% Percent of goal: 107% Nonfiction: 24 30% Classics: 10 13% I hit most of my goals for this year, but I'm still woefully short on diverse books--mostly because the ones I want to read… Continue reading Books of 2016



This isn't a post I though I would ever have to write, especially not so soon after the release of THE SPIDER'S WEB. My publisher is closing. As of this writing, I am awaiting the full return of rights for my books. If you wanted to get a copy and haven't yet, please don't fret--I… Continue reading Closed


Nano Wrap Up & Holiday Blog Break

Whew! It's over! Did you make it? Did you bang out a full novel? Did you hit 50,000 words? Regardless of how you performed, I really happy for everyone who tried! Even if you only wrote 5,000 words instead of 50,000, that's still 5,000 more than you had at the start of the month, and… Continue reading Nano Wrap Up & Holiday Blog Break


Nano Check In: Week 3

How's it going? On par? Behind? Already past the finish line? I compared this year's stats with previous years, and this is far and away my most difficult Nanowrimo ever. I'm just barely holding steady at par; usually I keep 1-2 days worth of words in the bank, if not more. I actually skipped writing… Continue reading Nano Check In: Week 3

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Stress Knitting Finished Objects

With all these socks I've been knitting, I guess you could say I've really been stepping it up, huh? It felt so good to get these teal socks off the needles. I started them way back in July, as one of my village crafting projects. I worked on them off and on, but my new character… Continue reading Stress Knitting Finished Objects

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Nano Check In: Week 2

How is everyone holding up? Don't know about you guys, but week two was rough for me. On top of everything else, I wound up scrapping the bulk of my outline and starting fresh. My new outline seems okay--so far--but we'll see how long it lasts. If I'm lucky, it'll make it to the end… Continue reading Nano Check In: Week 2

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Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: Part 4

The next morning was bright and clear, and already warm by the time I came down to breakfast at eight o’clock. Mother and Daddy were already sitting at the table. Daddy had that crease between his brow, which could only mean Mother had already told him about my escapade the night before. Slinking into my… Continue reading Dru Faust and the Devil’s Due: Part 4