Typewriter Seeks Typewriter

Over the weekend, I had a volunteer training session and got a chance to talk to one of the people in charge of the transition at the Village, and asked about the possibility of getting a typewriter added to the village props, since I would really rather not lug a 40lb machine back and forth… Continue reading Typewriter Seeks Typewriter


Antique Market Haul

I am so tired, you guys. Yesterday I went to the Scott Antique Market downtown with Missouri and my mom. For those not from the Columbus area, this is a massive antique market we have at the fairgrounds that runs selected weekends from November-March. Yesterday wrapped up their 2014-15 season. Since it was the very… Continue reading Antique Market Haul


Retro Office Supplies

I missed stapler week here on the typosphere. Unlike  lot of you, I don't have much in the way of retro office supplies (other than the typewriters, but even that collection is small compared to some, since I can still count them all on my fingers). I do have a few vintage supplies though Red… Continue reading Retro Office Supplies

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Woodstock: Autumn of Love

  The newest member of my collection.I haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but so far it appears that everything works, though the shift lock tends to stick (getting better with use and a little oil), and one of the fraction keys doesn't quite make it all the way to the… Continue reading Woodstock: Autumn of Love

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How Modern Knitters Fix Old Tech

So I finally sat down with the steampunk-typewriter-to-be over the weekend. Can you believe, I'd actually forgotten about it? I couldn't even remember what kind it was, other than a brown portable with green keys. Yeah, that's really helpful when looking up information. It doesn't help that nowhere on the machine or the case is… Continue reading How Modern Knitters Fix Old Tech

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Typecast #11: Health Benefits of the Typewriter

Sent from my Smith Corona Sterling

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Gift II

For those interested, I did fix the graphics I posted yesterday. The updated versions can be found here. I also uploaded it to Society 6, so they are available on tee shirts now, and can be found here in a variety of colors and sizes.

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A Gift for the Typosphere

There was a keychopper at the convention. This caused an ethical quandary for me, because the same person was also selling hand knits, and while I wanted to support the knitter, I couldn't support the keychopper, especially when I spied keys just like those on my beloved Oliver gracing the table. Thus, I present a… Continue reading A Gift for the Typosphere

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Click to make it bigger.I dream lo-tech and the Bing; Life in a Typewriter Shop and the post featuring the Remington.Sweet dreams.

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I've had dreams about typewriters two nights in a row now. I think the universe is trying to tell me something, I just don't know what it is. But I'm probably using the wrong medium.