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Skyriter: Not as Planned

So on Tuesday night, I was given marching orders via Twitter:How could I refuse?Yesterday, I sat down to attempt working on it. I opened up Twitter so that the notes from the last repair attempt were displayed. I had my tools. I had halfway decent lighting, and a movie in the background.And it all went… Continue reading Skyriter: Not as Planned

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Three days and counting

Only three days left until Nano gets into full swing. Do you have your outlines? Your notebooks? Extra ribbons? A backup drive?I've been woefully lax in my typewriter repairs. I've set the Woodstock aside for the moment, since I don't plan on using it as my primary machine. Mostly I'll be using the laptop since… Continue reading Three days and counting

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Typecast and Drawing

Short tonight. Not feeling overly talkative at the moment.