Fueled by Tea

When it comes to big writing marathons, I am fueled by tea. In the past year or so, however, I've had a lot of problems with insomnia, and that means I usually can't drink my go-to black tea when I get home from work, and I definitely can't drink it at 8pm, when I typically… Continue reading Fueled by Tea

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My handle on life broke.

Every time I start to think I'm get a hold on things, getting my finances in order, the house cleaned up, health problems kicked to the curb--something always decides to swoop in out of the aether and knock my down a step or two. Or a whole flight.The last couple of days have been like… Continue reading My handle on life broke.

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Steampunk Week: Tea for Two

A while back, I did a post all about my favorite teas. Since then we've moved from our little apartment into a nice house, and the tea stash has also expanded. I won't tell you how many varieties of tea are in the tea cupboard now (yes, we have an entire cupboard dedicated just to… Continue reading Steampunk Week: Tea for Two

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A Cozy endeavor

I never used to understand tea cozies. I started drinking tea in high school, but like most of my friends I prepared it one mug at a time in the microwave, or, later, used the hot tap on the bottled water cooler. That cooler--and the influence of a tea-obsessed roommate--are what got me using a… Continue reading A Cozy endeavor

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Out Sick, or, Fueling the Writerbeast

Other than writing, there is one thing that writers frequently excel at: procrastination.Case in point: I should be working on one of my ongoing projects (two of which need written and two need editing), or one of my knitting projects (two of which are so far past the deadline it's not even funny anymore), or… Continue reading Out Sick, or, Fueling the Writerbeast


Tea Break

When last I visited London, we had a daily ritual of restoring ourselves with a pot of tea in true English fashion (okay, so it usually came from Costa and was an excuse to sit down someplace for a half hour or so out of the elements and rest for reasonably cheap, but the point… Continue reading Tea Break