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Body Work

I finally cast off the body of the London Calling cardigan!Now I just have the sleeves...and the collar...and the button band...and the finnishing...I might be at this a while yet.

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Pico Review: Knit, Swirl

Title:  Knit, SwirlAuthor: Sandra McIverPrice: USD $24.27Notes: When I mentioned knitting a circular swearter, someone linked to this book for inspiration. I was curious right off the bat, because I love the look of circular or "swirl" sweaters. I picked up my copy from the library, just to give it a quick browse before committing… Continue reading Pico Review: Knit, Swirl

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Knitting Status and the Manicure of the Week

It seems that I've spent the bulk of the past two months waiting on people to get back with me about various things, mostly job related, which has lead to a lot of anxiety knitting. Mostly, this has been on the livingroom afghan, which has had several rows added this week as Missouri and I… Continue reading Knitting Status and the Manicure of the Week

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Life Keeps Getting in the way of My Life

I have things I want to make, do, and see. Places I would like to visit, chores that need done, books that should be written (more that need read), groceries that need bought and bills that need paid. But as of late, it seems I mostly have knits that need designed. This is the current… Continue reading Life Keeps Getting in the way of My Life