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I Dyed a Little.

I finished spinning the last of my fiber a couple of weeks ago. The result was a nice, but very boring silk yarn, so I picked up some kool-aide, and threw it in a pot with the yarn.I forgot to take a before picture until it was in the pot. The fiber was natural white,… Continue reading I Dyed a Little.

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Quick Reviews

Intertwined: The Art of handspun yarn, Modern Patterns, and Creative Spinning by Lexi BoegerHonestly, I don't know what made me pick this book up. I knew from the cover that it was going to be about art yarn (that would be "non-traditional" yarns made from things like plastic bags, cassette tapes, and with stuff like… Continue reading Quick Reviews

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Fleece as White as Snow. Almost.

 But not quite. This isn't actually fleece. It's milk fiber. Yes, milk. Like what you drink and put in your cereal. Or tea. Some people have shawls of shame. Others have sweaters that have sat in their PhD piles (Projects Half Done) for months...or years *cough*London Calling sweater*cough*. Me, I have spinning shame. This fiber has been… Continue reading Fleece as White as Snow. Almost.

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Knitting and Typewriters

If you have been following this blog for any period of time, then by now you've probably figured out that I tend to do things in phases. Sometimes, this blog is all about writing, or typewriters. Sometimes it's all about what I'm reading or drawing, sometimes sewing. It seems that lately, it's knitting.As promised, I… Continue reading Knitting and Typewriters



Well, it’s not the picture I promised. But it still makes me really, really happy. I’ve spent the last couple of days dying. I had to remind myself of some of the process, since it’s been about a year or a little more since I last got the dye pot out. I’ve got eight ounces… Continue reading Teaser


Spinning a Tangled Web

So...um...I'm going to preface this by saying that I was following that new healthy plan for a week before I made that last post. I didn't so much fall off the wagon for 48 hours, as fall, then was backed over and dragged for a few miles. It started with ice cream for dinner, because… Continue reading Spinning a Tangled Web


Meet Vanyel

Vanyel is a Kromski Mazurka, which I purchased second hand from someone on Ravelry. I'm still learning, but here is the first bobbin I spun last night. It took me about an hour and a half. I spun a second bobbin right away in natural white, and this morning I started plying them together.I've got… Continue reading Meet Vanyel


Everything is Linked

Do you know what this is? That would be several ounces of alpaca fiber I am in the process of unspinning and re-carding. I got a pair of hand carders in this morning from a friend on Ravelry. I had to wrestle a postal worker to get them, but they're here and I love them.… Continue reading Everything is Linked


Changing colors

I dyed the alpaca yarn yesterday using two packets of black cherry kool-aide and some instructions I found on Knitty. The alpaca didn't take the dye as well as I had hoped, especially considering the concentration of the dye and the fact that I nuked it three times. Maybe it didn't soak long enough? But… Continue reading Changing colors


Getting Twisted

I was too excited last night. I had to. I used a PDF download of a tutorial from Spin Off magazine. I don't remember where I found it; it was a few weeks ago. The instructions were very simple to follow, and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Of course,… Continue reading Getting Twisted