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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Normally, I’m a solid-color knitting kind of gal. I like simple things that go easily into my wardrobe. If I’m feeling feisty, then I whip out two-color knitting, or knit with a variegated and solid. Sometimes I use variegated or tonal yarns, but usually those projects end up being gifts for other people. If it tells you… Continue reading Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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UFO Sightings

I made a few small dents in the UnFinished Object bin over the weekend. On Friday, I cast off the dish mat that I started just before we moved into our current house--back in November, I think. It's been languishing for a while. First because lack of yarn, and then because I just plain forgot… Continue reading UFO Sightings

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Odds and Ends

I've done a little bit of shuffling around on my projects this week. I usually try to keep no more than 3 active knitting projects going at any one time, since that seems to be the limit of my attention span.My nook cover--which you'll hear a lot more about once it's done--is on hold at… Continue reading Odds and Ends

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Bad Photography Friday

...also known as "Work in Progress Day."Project the First: Missouri informed me a few weeks (months) ago that she felt neglected because I'd never made her a pair of socks. So I bought some yarn (which she picked out)...and it sat in storage for a while as I tried to finish samples and The Socks That… Continue reading Bad Photography Friday

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Finally Finished!

Some knitters can knock out  a pair of socks in a week or two.According to Ravelry, these socks have been on the needles for about two months. I like to knit socks. I really do. But I only make about two pair a year because they take me forever.I might be faster, except that lately… Continue reading Finally Finished!

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Knitting Status and the Manicure of the Week

It seems that I've spent the bulk of the past two months waiting on people to get back with me about various things, mostly job related, which has lead to a lot of anxiety knitting. Mostly, this has been on the livingroom afghan, which has had several rows added this week as Missouri and I… Continue reading Knitting Status and the Manicure of the Week

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Life Keeps Getting in the way of My Life

I have things I want to make, do, and see. Places I would like to visit, chores that need done, books that should be written (more that need read), groceries that need bought and bills that need paid. But as of late, it seems I mostly have knits that need designed. This is the current… Continue reading Life Keeps Getting in the way of My Life

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Back Again

Currently Reading: Ghost Moon On the Netflix: Love and Other Disasters Between a week of vacation and a week and a half of being sick, I've let a lot of good habits slide in the last month, among them blogging. However, since I've spent the majority of the last two weeks in bed or camped… Continue reading Back Again