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The KnotMagick Post Club

[A bajillion thanks to Rob Bowker, who inspired this]In the knitting world, we have “yarn clubs,” in which knitters sign up and for a fee every month for a set period of time they are sent a skein or two of yarn, a pattern, and maybe some other extra goodies. I am borrowing that concept… Continue reading The KnotMagick Post Club

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Hey! Do you know what's out now? That's right, it's my new short story, The Witching Hour. just in time for Halloween.

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Hey, you! Yeah, you with the computer.Do you know what today is?It's the day Birds of Feather comes out.So come on, give it a look. Download, please?*Fan art by the incomparable A.K. Alexander.

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A Blog and a Book

I've been meaning to update this blog for the last three days, but I keep getting distracted, primarily by this: That's right. I've got a new obsession--enough of an obsession that I started another blog about it.GOAST is a blog about art nails and fashion, so if you want to see more of my… Continue reading A Blog and a Book

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The Silver Lining

If you've been following my feed on the Twitter, then you know that it's fitting that this is today's theme song:I returned from doing laundry to find a message regarding a short story I submitted earlier this week waiting in my inbox.I'm getting published!I can't share details as yet, I can only say that it… Continue reading The Silver Lining

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A Bit of Writing

Saturday, I finnally got my letter from Tor.It was, as I expected, a rejection of my novel Threadbare. I was pretty upset for a while. I mean, I know that story is better written than Twilight. It's better than the book I'm reading right now, in fact. But it still got a form rejection.Thus, the… Continue reading A Bit of Writing