Wishlist, Part 3: Geekery

This is the last installment of my Wishlist series this year, and this one is for the fans! 1. Tea with the Doctor Or, failing that... 2. Sailor Moon Manga Rumor has it that early next year there will be a reboot of Sailor Moon, the anime that got me into anime.… Continue reading Wishlist, Part 3: Geekery

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Knitter’s Weekend Part I: Pride Columbus Meetup and Yarn Crawl

It's been a few days, so I'm mostly recovered now from a very busy weekend. It was so much fun though--I seldom go out, let alone with people (because REASONS, mostly involving the fact that I'm a broke hermit). But on Saturday I got to meet a whole slew of Ravelers at Columbus Pride.We started… Continue reading Knitter’s Weekend Part I: Pride Columbus Meetup and Yarn Crawl

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Stash Enhancement

The suitcase full of yarn got a few additions this week. My check for the Joann's Knitting and crochet booklet (due out in December) came this week, so I promptly deposited it and bought food, followed in short order by yarn (see? I have my priorities straight. Sometimes).First, my Knitpicks order came in. I can't… Continue reading Stash Enhancement

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Window Shopping

Rawr, why must I be tormented when I'm broke?I have about thirty things I want to purchase this week, but I've had to put them on hold thanks to bills. And then I get an email that KnitPicks is having a sale--not just a 50% off sale, but there's free yarn involved, too! Arg!Oh, and… Continue reading Window Shopping

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News From the Front

When I packed for the Steampunk Empire Symposium, I came prepared for everything. We brought food, water, a first aide kit. I packed a second set of panty hose (which is good, since I put my thumb through the first pair as I was putting them on), and I even brought along a second knitting… Continue reading News From the Front

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Fashionably Late

My roommate, who really doesn't get the whole typewriter thing, but supports it anyway, got me this shirt as a random surprise. It showed up on February 1, which is just kissmet. If you want to snag your own, you can find it here along with dozens of other lovely typewriter themed artwork in all… Continue reading Fashionably Late

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Typecast #9

Clockwork CoutureThe only thing I dislike about the site? The authentic typewriter key bracelets.

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A Moment of Weakness…

...has resulted in the purchase of a typewriter. It's not here yet, but I'm thinking...this model is very common. It's not really to my liking aesthetically (wrong decade, though I like the general shape, and the wrong color most assuredly), so I'm wondering: How do you in the typosphere feel about modified typewriters? Do you… Continue reading A Moment of Weakness…


Birthday Swag

I turn 21 tomorrow, but we celebrated yesterday by inviting family and neighbors over. Mostly, I got cash (just the way I like it), so today I went out to spend it. I got three old French primers from my great-great aunt who recently passed away (I only met her once and we never spoke;… Continue reading Birthday Swag


Take My Wallet. Please.

I have been a bad monkey. I spent way too much money the last few days. A few weeks ago I posted an entry about how I was thrice thwarted in my shopping expedition. At the start of spring break I decided to try again, only to discover that all of the stores I really… Continue reading Take My Wallet. Please.