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Typosphere, HELP!

Help! Prince Henry is injured!I was in the middle of typing up my resume on my Royal KMM. I hit the return lever to go to the next line, and all of sudden everything just STOPPED. When I press a key, the type slug won't go any higher than this:And the space bar doesn't do… Continue reading Typosphere, HELP!

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Nepotism Fail

The review of the Royalite. Click it to make it bigger.So, overall, the Royalite is a disappointment, except as a craft project. I will get back to the painting and revamping here soon, but first I need to finish my Christmas knitting (so behind!!) and knock a couple of sewing projects off my list (like… Continue reading Nepotism Fail

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Hey! Look over there!

In an attempt to distract you from the fact that it has been over a month since my last post, and the typewriter revamp STILL isn't done, I present you with this:That would be one small part of the Christmas presents I received from my aunt. She got me a whole box of dresses and… Continue reading Hey! Look over there!