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Randomly from the internet

An older article, but a very interesting read on early research into writer's block, starting in the 1920s. Even back then, they linked it to depression and self-esteem issues (pretty sure any writer could be able to deduce that, though whether it's a cause or an effect is a murkier topic). This darning sampler makes my textile conservator's… Continue reading Randomly from the internet

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Randomly, from the Internet

As I frequently ask myself--why don't I live in England? Kingston University is now offering a Masters program in knitwear design. *Sigh.* If only I didn't have to earn a living. There are about four Master's programs that I would love to enroll in right now (not all of them knitwear related). I also spied… Continue reading Randomly, from the Internet

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Randomly, From the Internet

A few of the amazing, cute, and puzzling things I discovered while I was away:SteepsterIt's social media. About tea.For those too lazy to click the link, you can "Write a tea journal, see what others are drinking and get recommendations from people you trust."I may or may not be toying with the idea of signing… Continue reading Randomly, From the Internet

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Less than Motivated, and a Detour.

While things hat Chez KnotMagick are slowly returning to normal, I'm still not feeling myself. I've not been very motivated to do anything, but I've still be getting a lot done--lots of cleaning (but still not all of it or even "enough"; I've kind of gone into clean freak mode where every little bit of… Continue reading Less than Motivated, and a Detour.

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The Box, Part I

Have you ever seen those shows on PBS, or sometimes TLC or DIY or somesuch, where people research random old stuff they'd found? Glass bottles in the attic that belonged to a doctor who once owned the house, or a civil war rifle that belonged to a distant relative? I love those shows. And I… Continue reading The Box, Part I

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Fly By

1. Grandma is much better, and might be able to go home in time for Mother's Day. She does, however, have permanent damage to her kidneys and we will be watching her closely in the coming weeks.2. In better news, it is official: I am now a professional knitwear designer. And I get paid and… Continue reading Fly By

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I've had dreams about typewriters two nights in a row now. I think the universe is trying to tell me something, I just don't know what it is. But I'm probably using the wrong medium.

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I have my to-do list for the week

More random from the internet. But when I read this list, I laughed so hard I cried. I must do everything on it now:

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Pretty Stuff

Remember this?Well, it's finished now.In the comments for my last post, Bill M. asked what the difference between embroidery and needlepoint is. Embroidery uses a variety of stitches to create a single motif to embellish a piece of fabric. Needlepoint uses a single stitch type to create an image on a canvas, covering the entire… Continue reading Pretty Stuff

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Loose Ends

1. It's official: I will be attending the Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati next month. Costumes are mandatory, and I suspect that a typewriter and possibly my spinning wheel will be tagging along. 2. I have become addicted to a Canadian series called The Murdoch Mysteries. As far as I know, it doesn't air here in… Continue reading Loose Ends