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Oh look, it’s Friday.

Fridays are much less exciting when you have to work the weekend.My knitting isn't very exciting this week, either, as I continue to plug away at the same projects. My Christmas socks are about 1/3 of the way through the leg. I'm maybe 1/4 into the tea cozy, and I've done the first two letters… Continue reading Oh look, it’s Friday.

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Fleece as White as Snow. Almost.

 But not quite. This isn't actually fleece. It's milk fiber. Yes, milk. Like what you drink and put in your cereal. Or tea. Some people have shawls of shame. Others have sweaters that have sat in their PhD piles (Projects Half Done) for months...or years *cough*London Calling sweater*cough*. Me, I have spinning shame. This fiber has been… Continue reading Fleece as White as Snow. Almost.